We’re here to brighten your skin (and your day).

Welcome to the Flora Lee Fam!

We believe all your beautiful skin needs is clean ingredients and a little love to shine bright. We’re here to help you empower your skin with the best of nature’s garden.

From day one, we’ve been sharing our love of plant-based skincare. We want to empower you to feel confident in the skin you’re in while using a simple, plant-based routine.

Whether it’s dry skin or hyperpigmentation, our goal is to help you take your routine to the next level with hydrating ingredients that make your skin happy and healthy.

We’re only at the start of our journey, and we can’t wait to take you along as we grow Flora Lee Naturals into its next chapter.

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About Our Founder

Flora Lee Naturals is the brainchild of Nia Baucke – named in honor of her gardening-loving grandmother, Flora Lee. Nia grew up in the midwest with her grandmother, exploring the wonder of the world outdoors. She was inspired to create Flora Lee Naturals after adopting her grandmother’s holistic skincare approach and seeing positive results.

Many of the ingredients you’ll find in our products pay homage by the wonders of Flora Lee’s garden. Our skincare products take this come-as-you-are approach, using plant-powered ingredients to unlock your skin’s inner radiance.

Thank you for being part of the Flora Lee story ❤️

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